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These couples - all of whom have celebrated or will shortly celebrate their seventh anniversary - know first hand what it takes to beat the seven-year itch.
The winger last started a match for his country when he made his debut against Spain in 2002 but could end that seven-year itch when Serbia come calling tomorrow.
JIM BROWN will be unveiling his latest Coventry City book, The Seven-Year Itch, at the Cathedral Lanes branch of Waterstones next Saturday
Maybe he got the seven-year itch every seven months?
Couples are facing marriage problems at 11 years, rather than the fabled seven-year itch, it was claimed last night.
FORGET the seven-year itch - today's marriages are more likely to be threatened by a 14-YEAR hitch.
He first appeared on stage when he was 2, in a summer stock production of ``The Seven-Year Itch,'' directed by his father.
Tipton Harriers, their old rivals, are out to get it back at Sutton Park on Saturday and manager Bryan Clifton is confident he has a team capable of seizing the moment after a seven-year itch of their own.
It's been nine years, and I'm past the seven-year itch.