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It seems people are now facing an 11-year itch instead of the bog standard seven-year itch," she said.
And the hot tip is that their seven-year itch is about to be relieved.
Rosberg also ended his own 111-race, seven-year itch.
WE'VE been married for nearly seven years and get on well, but I wonder if there's really such a thing as a seven-year itch.
Coventry City: The Seven-Year Itch will be published this autumn.
Coach Steve Hansen has urged his Welsh players to believe in themselves as they attempt to end a seven-year itch against Scotland in Cardiff today.
FORGET the seven-year itch - today's marriages are more likely to be threatened by a 14-YEAR hitch.
But Marshall's feeling the seven-year itch and getting the come-on from a sexy new interior designer client.