severance of relations

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Nothing permits the sudden severance of relations between the two countries.
The meeting discussed views and coordination on the latest developments regarding the severance of relations with the State of Qatar, and ways to eliminate terrorism and all those who support or fund it.
By: Moataz Abdel Fattah CAIRO - 6 June 2017: What happened in the last 48 hours with Qatar by the severance of relations by six Arab countries, in addition to the Maldives and Mauritius, is now known to the entire world.
The authorities of Libya, Yemen, as well as the Maldives subsequently also announced the severance of relations with Doha.
This past week, Iranian officials have repeatedly said that the Saudi severance of relations is meant to kill all peace efforts in Syria.
It does not support severance of relations with brothers.
What has been said about Libya's severance of relations with Egypt is totally untrue," a source of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quoted by Egypt's official news agency, MENA as saying.
There are natural divergences at the level of the various opinions, but they do not reach the point of the severance of relations because what affects us affects the other member states.
Today, the severance of relations is difficult for Lebanon and we cannot do it.
Such a process will lead to a severance of relations out of will and not out of a struggle or anger.
Under a 20-year agreement, it supplied 70% of the refinery's crude oil until the 1979 severance of relations.