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The three minute Harrison Birtwistle fanfare Sonance Severence 2000 blew our minds from almost silent bass pianissimos, to tutti cacophony.
His collection of panned films also includes The Business (2005), Severence (2006), Pimp (2010) and Vendetta (2013).
Severence, OHA Newbury Ventures LLC, MCM Capital Homeowners Advantage Trust XII and the occupants of 489 49th St.
9 per cent in the first quarter as it had severence costs and suffered a foreign exchange loss.
The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) said Lindsay was "motivated by financial gain" when he rubber-stamped his own severence deal in 2007.
A new severence package is due to be unveiled to encourage employees to take voluntary redundancy.
An estimate by the UUP's Basil McCrea has put Mr MacKenzie's severence package at as much as pounds 500,000.
Since Labour took power from the Lib-Dems at the May elections, every executive director with the exception of children's boss Stuart Smith has left the authority either through retirement or voluntary severence.
According to Trend, the severence payments may reach up to EUR 300,000 (USD 450,456).
Strategies are presented to plan for the financial, professional and emotional impacts of a severence.
But he will have to take a pay cut to come to Villa Park so manager Martin O'Neill will not be able to announce Sidwell's signing until the player has sorted out his severence.
The spokesman confirmed that about 300 staff across all levels had already taken voluntary early retirement or voluntary early severence.