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SEWER. Properly a trench artificially made for the purpose of carrying water into the sea, river, or some other place of reception. Public sewers are, in general, made at the public expense. Crabb, R. P. Sec. 113.

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There are two projects we are working towards, the first one is the expansion of the Jebel Ali station to ensure that there is big enough capacity for the sewage that will be redirected," he said.
Demand for Sewage & Wastewater and Water Utilities Markets
He explained sewage treatment will be carried out through a system which is equipped with automatic traffic flows of wastewater to avoid flooding.
That's a setback for the sewage agency, but its environmental experts are plugging away with other ideas.
Surveying company, PASCO proposed their latest sewage long life management solutions utilizing geospatial information and ICT, for the recent advanced and various risks in Japan.
Support for Accelerated Technology Development through Globalization of Sewage Works Exhibition
The city traditionally operated under a septic tank sewage system which often resulted in overflow due to a rapidly growing population and insufficient tanker collection resources.
Mona Al Fahad, another resident, said the apartment block she resides in is yet to be connected to the sewage system provided by the Ajman Sewerage Company.
87 million sewage network in Al-Rass governorate in Qassim province to be completed within three and a half years.
He said that according to the guidance plan for water and sewage projects, stage one of the projects are being implemented.
They are in the front line of the battle against sewage pollution and members of their campaign, Surfers Against Sewage, can bear witness to the regular illnesses that they suffer.
The KWSB official said work on the greater sewage treatment plant might start in three months after the process of channelisation and new installations of sewage lines was completed.