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SEWER. Properly a trench artificially made for the purpose of carrying water into the sea, river, or some other place of reception. Public sewers are, in general, made at the public expense. Crabb, R. P. Sec. 113.

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Tenders are invited for Repairing of street light inside 90 mld sewage pumping station at gwalior sewage farm including replacing of burn electric material complete work
The thing I remember most about the stage around Esholt sewage farm in Bradford was the smell.
In a career spanning more than five decades, Moncrieff has followed the country's leading politicians across the globe, from observing Margaret Thatcher's visit of a sewage farm in Cairo, to John Major's tour of the Orient.
Thankfully one of the troops proved to be a good navigator and we made it to Twickenham via a ten-minute walk through a gut-wrenching Thames Water sewage farm.
Tenders are invited for Requirement of labour for cleaning work of 50MLD sewage treatment plant at Morar sewage farm Gwalior including as per NIT
They had managed to steer the boat against a 15ft-high concrete wall next to the sewage farm and one of the men had managed to help the other three off the boat.
100 YEARS AGO: At a meeting of Yardley Rural District Council a letter was read from Warwickshire County Council asking what the aforementioned was doing to prevent pollution of the River Cole by affluent from the Cole Hall Sewage Farm.
Tenders are invited for rewiring the electrical installation in the sewage farm office valiyathura, thiruvananthapuram.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to storm water drain in nanjangud road from jss collage to sewage farm (d 119) & construction of storm water drain at selected reaches.
Tenders are invited for Providing earth filling with good quality earth in the newly allotted 17 acre of land for indian air force in the sewage farm compound.