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The most likely properties to sell early would the shabbiest ones on a block.
Was it the power of a vicious rumor that had kept us away, the rumor that said the shabbiest auditorium - creaking chairs, uneven floor, peeling paint, unladylike ladies' room - was doomed to give way to a canteen because the new owners had no musical sense?
According to Zurbano, black people in Cuba were never equally empowered to take advantage of those opportunities, asking, as way of an example: "How could we even think of renting out our home or opening a restaurant in it if we live in the shabbiest of houses?
This is an 81-year-old man - who on the flimsiest, shabbiest, most spurious of evidence was charged with THE most humiliating and heinous of crimes.
Slovakia, ranked 65 in the world, are not the shabbiest opposition for an international christening.
Ee John Kerry's "evidence" is the shabbiest of tricks.
57) In poignant and acerbic language, Justice Stevens accused the Court of approving "incommunicado" questioning as "a societal goal of the highest order that justifies police deception of the shabbiest kind.
Is your dog cursed with the shabbiest digs in his neighborhood, a place lacking an elegant roofline, multiple chimneys, and stylish windows that beam sun onto custom floors?
But they also complained to us that when they arrive in Sri Lanka by accident or in a similar way that we did, they are always promptly arrested, harassed and treated in the shabbiest way about which they expressed their displeasure.
At the same time, the characters' distinctive genial gruffness and adherence to bourgeois propriety even in the shabbiest circumstances, and the underplayed comedy throughout, mark the pic's sensibility as distinctly Scandinavian.
The apartment that Carlo had rented--and where he lived alone, waiting for his father to rejoin him--was in the Parioli, a neighborhood that still had the prestige it had gained in the preceding decade but was already /becoming melancholy/ the way places in decline do, with old gardens that have had too many owners, and an architecture that is /out of date/ even in comparison with the shabbiest lower-middle-class neighborhoods.
In reply, Yorkshire piled up 536, during which, for an hour on the second afternoon, the fielding disintegrated to perhaps the shabbiest exhibition by any Bears team with Streak powerless to prevent a string of fumbles and drops.