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That actually is not as bizarre as one might think, even if one takes into account Tunisia's current economic troubles and the whole 1970s/1980s era shabbiness of almost everything in downtown Tunis.
Somehow we imagine with Beth and Kirk involved there might be more shabbiness than chic, but frankly anything to keep poor Craig off the penny-saving tinned ravioli is fine by us.
In the case of Labhras, his expectations of life have changed and for the first time he becomes aware and critical of the shabbiness of his parents' home.
Shabbiness, raggedness and a lack of care surpassed quality.
By 1925 the grounds were described as "an untidy bedraggled place which is not even genteel in its shabbiness.
To counter his post- masturbatory "sense of utter shabbiness," Zuckerman takes from the shelf a book containing James's "The Middle Years" and proceeds to summarize the story for the reader.
The decor at the Birmingham branch is striking - lots of bright walls, industrial piping, carefully achieved shabbiness.
When the presence of Galliard Homes in the background was finally revealed, though, it put an entirely different slant on the shabbiness inflicted on Wimbledon and its sister GRA tracks.
There is no doubt that the road has become scruffier in recent years with a general air of shabbiness, but surely millions could've been saved by the cash-strapped government if the road was widened in parts and re-surfaced.
The machines read denomination of banknotes, degree of shabbiness and sort banknotes.
The manager has had to cane them sometimes for their shabbiness.
In the same way an image of anger, shabbiness and lack of culture is not a genuine reflection of Islam, neither is this image that seeks to portray them as second-class citizens.