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Sahar Francis stated: "The Israeli allegation that shackling hunger-striking
I hope my story will help to curtail the disgraceful practice of shackling women during labor, and that this, in turn, will help improve the attitudes of prison guards and hospital staff toward women who give birth while incarcerated.
In calling for a ban on the shackling of pregnant prisoners while in labor, Patrick noted that Department of Correction policy already prohibits the practice.
In some instances, shackling may occur prior to charges being filed.
Israel's use of shackling "has snowballed almost out of control.
The shackling issue sparked the most comments, a contentious debate waged for years among lawyers and judges in juvenile court.
NAPW--victory: shackling pregnant prisoners in labor found to be cruel
Local Labour introduced twice-monthly waste collections in Tamworth in 2004 shackling the council with an expensive system.
The justices also said shackling a juvenile goes against the minor's right to due process and presumption of innocence.
Lawyer John Black yesterday branded his client's shackling in hospital "disgraceful", adding: "He's expected to be in for another two months.
The 23-year-old swore to prove his love for Viv's daughter Emma by shackling himself to his future mum-in-law for a week.
The court held that shackling the prisoner did not deprive him of a fair trial.