shade of meaning

See: nuance
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Many may have been seeking a shade of meaning rather than a definition in this case, suggested the dictionary publisher's editor at large, Peter Sokolowki.
In the end, his maxim that "you may shout all you want, but for God's sake, do not shoot," acquired a new, fresh shade of meaning.
In this work, Lobkowitz suggests modifications to Latin designed to accommodate it more specifically to philosophical discourse--noteworthy among which are five forms of esse, each with its own shade of meaning.
In silent study, I have learned to tell Each secret shade of meaning and to hear A magic harmony, at once sincere, That somehow notes the tinkle of a bell, The cooing of a dove, the swish of leaves, The rain-drop's pitter-patter on the eaves, The lover's sigh, the thrumming of guitar And, if I choose, the rustle of a star