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Sitting behind her, he watched her with perplexed admiration, shading his eyes with his hand.
She was shading her eyes from the sun with her arm, looking anxiously down the road.
Ashmore looked upward, shading his eyes with his hat held between them and the lantern.
cried a surveyor's chainman, shading his eyes and gazing at the fading
By this time all the Queen's scholars had gravitated into their own places in the ranks and the various classes had assumed distinct and settled shadings of individuality.
Boston's new hub for total light management offers integrated shading and lighting solutions, expertise, and education for the design community
Salish et al [12] conducted an experiment to study the relative performance of wheat cultivars in fields having different shading intensity brought by eucalyptus.
Crown incorporates shading components from Phifer, Mermet, Somfy, RollEase, Faber and many other elite industry suppliers.
Only Crestron Shading Solutions bring together designer shading with electric lighting, AV, climate and security control for complete, integrated, intuitive home management.
External shading is more effective than internal, since solar gains are efficiently rejected (Raeissi and Taheri, 1997).
Shade" covers the full spectrum of garden shade conditions from dappled to partial to full shading in every size of garden plot.
The shading trees often yield fruit, avocados and wood that can help farmers feed their families and earn extra income, and the forest floor is often planted with vegetables and herbs.