shady reputation

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Then they went to work and elected a lot of Dissenters, one after another, and kept it up until they had collected L15,000 in fines; and there stands the stately Man- sion House to this day, to keep the blushing citizen in mind of a long past and lamented day when a band of Yankees slipped into London and played games of the sort that has given their race a unique and shady reputation among all truly good and holy peoples that be in the earth.
All society--both the inhabitants of the place and those who came down of an evening for the music--had got hold of one and the same story, in a thousand varieties of detail--as to how a certain young prince had raised a terrible scandal in a most respectable household, had thrown over a daughter of the family, to whom he was engaged, and had been captured by a woman of shady reputation whom he was determined to marry at once-- breaking off all old ties for the satisfaction of his insane idea; and, in spite of the public indignation roused by his action, the marriage was to take place in Pavlofsk openly and publicly, and the prince had announced his intention of going through with it with head erect and looking the whole world in the face.
But he was born in New York and inherited a considerable amount of money from his father, Fred Trump, a real-estate developer with a somewhat shady reputation.
A PUB with a once shady reputation has turned itself around and become a popular nighttime hot spot.
However, Andie's guardian Sarah is unhappy with her performance at school and her crew's shady reputation, so Andie enrolls in the Maryland School of the Arts, but her choice alienates her from the 410, and their former bond turns to fierce rivalry when Andie puts together a new crew with her MSA friends, who set their sights on taking The Streets title for themselves.
Though devoted to her dance crew, Andie's guardian Sarah is not happy with Andie's grades at school and the dancers' shady reputation.
Because Mark Twain also said: 'There are people who strictly deprive themselves of each and every eatable and drinkable, which has in any way acquired a shady reputation.
Despite the seller's shady reputation, Mayor Villegas consulted an expert on antiques, who was of the opinion that the fair price for the bolo was P70,000.
It is dark and dreary, with very little light, which seems to mimic the arakkoa's shady reputation.
Most were long gone, to cities like Cardiff or Swansea, or off to England where shaking off a shady reputation came as easy as shedding a coat.
Meanwhile, a second death, that of her erstwhile colleague Pete Wolinksy, a man with a shady reputation, seems random and unrelated.