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31, 1994, in Worcester, to put fear in other drug dealers and bookies that the renegade faction intended to shake down.
FOX has a long history of trying to shake down pay TV providers, including Cablevision, Time Warner, and Bright House.
Fitness, the avoidance of injuries and the need to shake down weary limbs was the goal.
It's the best chance in my career, I'm racing for a full factory team on a machine that has proved to be very competitive during pre-season tests," said Haslam, as he prepared for a final shake down in tests on the Phillip Island circuit today.
But for Saints that is not the case and Grand Final success is probably more important to Potter than to any other coach in the play-off shake down.
District Court in New Jersey against Howard, calling Howard's claim "a brazen attempt to shake down Verizon.
Without 'em, the steering column can give you a good shake down.
We've had a good time in Hawaii, been out for a sail yesterday to test the rig and have a little shake down and everyone's keen nowto get onwith the race to Santa Cruz.
Hey, it's your birthday, girl, Shake down those Hallmark cards for lots of dollars, Then?
Black-robed secret police shake down women for looking at the imam of Chicago's marriage advice Web site: "The imam of Chicago countenances abominations
If it passes, the ACLU will no longer be able to shake down cities.
He says that because horizontal grinders are chain-fed machines, a good deal of sand and dirt tends to shake down and exit through the bottom onto the belt, bypassing the hammermill altogether, resulting in more even wear.