shake off

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LIFT Crewe star George Cooper hopes to shake off a knee injury Colchester v Barnsley Tosin Olufemi could feature following nine months out with a torn Achilles while Matthew Briggs is banned.
It''s a good way to start the new year, shake off those winter blues and walk off the after-effects of Christmas.
But the movie - which takes place more or less in real time - can't resist convention, giving the motor-mouthed Eddie ridiculous soliloquies about opening a bakery and having Willis' Mosley shake off the shakes and behave like an action hero whenever the plot requires.
To shake off its second-tier status, LG has dazzled with cutting-edge products such as its Internet fridge and feature-rich 3G cell phones, as well as larger-than-life, flat-screen TVs like the 77-inch plasma screen monster that it has at the top of its line.
With every shovelful that fell on its back, the mule would just shake off the dirt and step up--and get one step closer to the top.
Led by a diminishing amount of sublease space on the market and the positive fundamentals present in the Central Business District (CBD) of Stamford, the office market in Fairfield County is positioned to shake off the lingering traces of recession and move forward to a busy year-end.
As the years passed, he never seemed to be able to shake off the remembered splendor of his early years, and his long decline as a performer was watched by many with apologies and sadness.
The pain can be excruciating and once in the throes of a muscle spasm, impossible to shake off.
McStay reckoned watching the blood-and-guts tie, which Auchinleck won 2-1, was the perfect way for his pal to shake off his nerves and get used to a big-match atmosphere.
It was not until 1992 that Albania had its first non-communist government--making it the last of the East European countries to shake off the system.
Quality is still our major business opportunity," in order to take advantage of it, today's manager will need to look at it in a completely new light and shake off many of our traditional views toward quality, according to Timothy Hitchcock, president and CEO, Hitchcock Industries.