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However, some of the acts who prefer rock, R'n'B or acoustic versions of pop classics may be on shakier ground.
Mr Martin is on shakier ground when he claims there is no mystery about what happened on the night of the bank guarantee.
The Spaniard's knees have been shakier than my serve in recent months and I'd steer clear of the 4/1 shot.
The shakier sectors have been the big dividend payers, because higher yields on safe government debt would make those shares less attractive.
The notion that a man who will be 81 if he serves out another term is the only suitable individual to be president, in a country of 37 million, has never been shakier, especially in the wake of the largely youth-driven Arab uprisings.
With job security shakier than ever and many people living in fear of losing their only source of income, the increase in interest in home business ideas 2013 has to offer is very understandable.
Mr Pickles is on far shakier ground when he insists councils can avoid cutting important services simply by making efficiency savings or somehow raising extra funds.
A report published Monday forecasts that the Texas power grid will be a little shakier next summer than previously projected, but that it will be a little less shaky in 2014 and beyond.
I think he had a problem," said Massa, whose future at Ferrari looks shakier than ever after he scored just 35 points in 12 races.
The euro also saw slightly lower use in foreign-currency bank accounts in central and Eastern Europe, where it serves as a more reliable way to save for people whose local currency may be shakier.
A questionable outcome perhaps, given the excruciating state of some economies in the eurozone and a far shakier than expected recovery across
Under a veneer of normalcy that should be the envy of other Arab nations mired in bloodier and shakier transitions, the economic and social causes that sparked the uprising a year and a half ago are far from resolved or even adequately addressed of discussed, cautioned the NGO specialised in analysis of crisis situations.