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In contrast, former Premier side St Joseph's have made the shakiest start to their new life in the Championship Division.
By one measure, the so-called "Texas ratio," Decatur State Bank was the shakiest bank chartered in Arkansas at the end of 2011.
Federal guidelines on mortgage-lending practices were dramatically relaxed, allowing teaser loans and no down payments even in lending to those with the shakiest credit histories.
And he 'repaid' his gaffer for the faith shown in him with one of his shakiest of the season.
But with some of Europe's shakiest economies also being the bloc's biggest buyers of Iranian crude, the EU looks set to phase in any ban slowly to allow them to find other suppliers to soften the blow before implementing an embargo.
William Hill insisted that Hurley's romance with cricketer Warne is the shakiest in showbiz.
Bush administration, federal guidelines on mortgage-lending practices were relaxed further (allowing teaser loans and no down payments), and the gates were opened wide even to borrowers with the shakiest credit histories.
Manager Andy Thorn felt his players "took their eye off the ball" during the disturbances midway through the opening 45 minutes as the Sky Blues experienced their shakiest spell in an otherwise decent performance that produced the first two goals on home soil and, critically, the first victory of the campaign to lift them out of the bottom three to 18th.
What should have been a series of entertaining and challenging essays on contemporary Marxist theory collapses into a soggy and moist sentimentalism, reared upon the shakiest of romantic foundations.
The ratio of public debt to GDP has been 100 percent or more since the early '90s, in itself evidence enough that the Greek economy rested on the shakiest of foundations.
Dundee United's defence of the Scottish Cup got off to the shakiest of starts against the team they saw off in last May's final.
5 LEE NAYLOR: His shakiest performance since arriving at Cardiff by a mile.