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Head was against head, and he was shaking him back and forth.
Most of us estimate that after 5 or 10 seconds more of shaking, it would have gone.
Prosecutors will seek to try as an adult a 17-year-old Lancaster boy who is accused of killing his 5-month-old daughter by shaking her violently, officials said Friday.
The shaking continued into the next night when Betsy McLane, the executive director of the International Documentary Association, opened ``Docs That Shook the World'' with a simple explanation: These were films that mobilized people by changing their perceptions.
A Simi Valley day care operator accused of shaking a baby so severely he suffered permanent brain damage was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on charges that could send her to prison for more than a decade.
At the preliminary hearing both Halpern and Schwartz asked Selser how much shaking is necessary to cause a fatal injury.
All those areas are subject to shaking with the force of at least 40 percent of gravity, the kind of strong shaking felt in both the 1989 Loma Prieta and 1994 Northridge temblors.
The violent shaking that rocked Santa Clarita in the Northridge Quake - more powerful that at the epicenter itself - is a model for a ``shake table'' that will be built in Japan to test construction methods.
It begins by sharing the Shake, Shake, Shake dance exercise for kids, moving through different body parts to shaking the whole body.
OVER THE YEARS of putting together S&H, we've been blessed to learn about and to experience many great practices for shaking things loose.
The smart bracelet will be worn by a pilot group of visitors, who will exchange real-time data with other visitors by shaking each other's hands.
Though the cause of hematomas hasn't been definitely identified, most veterinarians point to head shaking as the likely culprit.