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Working with Peter Reid is great fun," he said, a sentence that will have every Sunderland fan shaking head in disbelief.
Tries either side of the interval by Tondu's Stuart Hancock and Tim Green put daylight between the teams but an extended spell of pressure saw the Gwent team camped on the home line for long periods, crossing the line twice only to be denied by the shaking head of referee David Davies.
Whenever you spot a shaking head and a wistful gaze into a pint glass, you know Ken Bates has cropped up yet again.
Typically the maestro did little for most of the match, except produce the famous shaking head, hands on hips and disinterest.
It's made for easy pickings for McDonnell's opponents, but there were shaking heads at his performance from the Labour sympathetic press too.
Sporting a short blue dress with a revealing neckling and sassy white heels, she's shaking heads in shame already.
is week though, I will admit that even I was drawn into the small screen excitement which had our household shaking heads and punching the air in amazement and admiration.
Let Go For Tonight is joyfully bombastic, Youth and Echo place you directly into a club on a Friday night before the epileptic ballad of Shaking Heads brings on the comedown.
Songs like Youth, Holding on to Heaven and Shaking Heads, with their teen angst, will appeal.
I was met with a chorus of shaking heads from my redoubtable team.
Movements might be clapping, shaking heads, rolling eyes.
She awoke, unaware of looks, smiles and shaking heads, The whiteness, the familiar smells, the lined chairs, the Hopelessness; She knew not where she had been, nor where it was, only That, she had been shown it for a reason, It was a privilege known to few - she chose not to reason why, She could only wait patiently for when.