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But the Challenger Deep had about 25 percent more organic carbon in its sediments than shallower areas did.
It is planned to test the shallower horizons in both wells if they are not
The Pentagon is pressing for a so-called ''Nago-light'' option of building an airport on reclaimed land in shallower water within the reef alongside Camp Schwab, while the Japanese Defense Agency wants to construct the airport within the camp.
Our rescue ships are trying to lift and drag it towards shallower waters.
This low profile, multimetal clubhead is shallower and longer than average to reduce mishits.
New Yorkers are asked to take shorter showers, shallower baths, and go easy on the dishwashers.
Navy is currently preparing to raise the 499-ton Ehime Maru and move it to shallower waters for the search-and-salvage operation.
Niedermayr proposes a shallower version, as if Petrarch were now clad in trendy ski gear amid timeless mountains that are slowly becoming entertainment and investment opportunities indistinguishable from the mercantile lowlands below.
Where visitors congregate, the undulations are fullest, but in gallery spaces they are shallower and less frequent.
As your exercise capacity improves, you can move to shallower and shallower water levels.
And I think one has to say that it functions as a healthy corrective to some of the shallower elements in gay culture.
1A exploratory well had dual objectives: shallower Cretaceous zones at around 9,000 feet and deeper objectives down to 14,000 feet.