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While inflation has remained stubbornly above the Bank of England's two per cent target since late 2009, shallower price rises will give the Bank more scope to resume economic stimulus through quantitative easing (QE).
Oxygen consumption rates were two times and microbial density seven times those in the shallower area, the researchers found.
The company now plans to perform a rework on one well in order to cap off the currently producing reserve, with drilling at a shallower depth (approximately 3,700 ft - 3,900 ft) which has shown a significant oil and gas deposit.
Summary: The UK recession was shallower than previously thought between July and September, according to revised figures.
we see so deeply into each other, even as our understanding seems shallower and shallower" Actress Meryl Streep gets philosophical "When they wake up in the middle of the night, turn to your partner and say 'Darling it is your turn'.
Neither the oil nor the gas discovery in the shallower level is considered commercially interesting," the NPD said of the well drilled 175 kilometres (109 miles) north-northwest of the far northern Norwegian town of Hammerfest.
Another place to concentrate is the area where the shallower margins shelve into the deeper water.
That's because tsunami waves grow taller as the sea gets shallower, which occurs near a large land mass or a continent.
Some people-like Goodman--have shallower eye sockets than do others, meaning that their eyeballs naturally jut out more.
Nago Mayor Tateo Kishimoto earlier expressed his possible acceptance of one of the options -- an idea to build a military-only offshore airport over water shallower than the original plan -- and rejecting the other alternative.
Schippers, president of Barmag Barmer Maschinenfabrik in Germany, had filed for a similar patent on a main channel that gets shallower as the auxiliary channel deepens.
Deeper wells tend to have the higher levels of arsenic in the Antelope Valley, county officials said, but they also produce more water than shallower wells.