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The top of the reservoir (which appears to be permeable) was encountered significantly above the shallowest potential oil-water contact for the area.
A gas discovery on prognosis in the shallowest objective at Mbawa-1 is an encouraging start to our East African Transform Margin exploration campaign.
Alteration and mineralization at the Painted Hills project are indicative of the shallowest levels of a mineralized epithermal system.
Tullow Oil plc (Tullow) announces that the Mbawa-1 exploration well in the L8 licence area, offshore Kenya, has encountered gas in the shallowest objective.
2%, the shallowest of such advancements since the summer period.
The overall attitude of the system indicates that it is shallowest just south of the "B Shaft" Pit and probably forms sub crop in the vicinity of what is known as the "Harper" Pit.
The two shallowest coal seams penetrated thus far have been at least as thick as prognosed with the deeper of the two considerably thicker than expected.
The anomaly is the shallowest detected and appears to be dipping steeply to the North.
It also has one of the shallowest depths in its class, making it possible to install in very tight situations and ensuring a comfortable working environment for the operator.
It is a seismically active undersea region estimated to cover an area of about 13 million hectares located east of Luzon and is 35 meters underwater, with the shallowest point located off the provinces of Aurora and Isabela.
The activity was supported by over 50 institutions and leaders nationwide to ask Cimatu to declare Benham Bank, the shallowest part of the Philippine Rise, as a 'no-take' zone.
It said there had been an 'assessment' but it covered only a small portion of the rise, which was the shallowest.