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She reported she had successfully stopped eating all gluten and had developed the ability to detect when she was breathing shallowly and to limbic breathe.
Pronotum at most tumid behind head; clypeus anteriorly rounded, sometimes briefly truncate but not shallowly emarginated; pronotum frequently with sides broadly marked with brown, longitudinal central third or more dark brown to black, sometimes with cupreous reflections .
The explicit subject couldn't be more bland, but an implicit tension compresses its shallowly folded ground, similar to the muscular, 15th-century Dutch landscapes of Hercules Seghers.
Planting too shallowly will encourage them to divide, producing more leaves than flowers.
There is loads of gritty action, some rather shallowly depicted villains and some great twists and turns in the plot--it will make a cracking film or TV drama.
2] fold axes trend NNE to NNW and plunge shallowly (0-10[degrees]) north and south (Fig.
Earlier studies have found that people tend to sniff strongly when inhaling a pleasant odor, but shallowly when inhaling an unpleasant scent.
Most of his characters, however, are so shallowly conjured - and their stories so predictably depressing or loathsome - that readers will not want to spend much time with them, much less 600-plus pages.
While the details of deep-sea polygon formation on Earth are complex, Moscardelli and her colleagues conclude that the majority of these polygons form in a common environment: sediments made up of fine-grained clays in ocean basins that are deeper than 500 meters, and when these sediments are only shallowly buried by younger sediments.
2 | Irrigate deeply and less frequently (as opposed to shallowly and often).
Initial restoration efforts involve heavy equipment that scrapes the beach grass and creates the shallowly sloped dunes that plovers prefer.
It is sad when faith is so shallowly rooted that it cannot be generous.