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You'd expect the player to be shamefaced about this latest indiscretion and his colleagues to keep quiet.
That's the verdict delivered by shamefaced FA bosses the morning after the night McClaren's lads rolled over to crush their ever-hopeful fans.
Ramos missed out on an opera date but was released by shamefaced officials in time to have dinner with warbler Placido Domingo.
In his defence, a shamefaced Cllr Ahmed said: "I never thought of things like that in the past.
Sperm banks didn't always come complete with "shopping cart" and "checkout" icons, but the formerly shamefaced search for sperm has become a consumer's playground.
I know I'm not one to talk since I must admit shamefaced that I have never been to Penshaw Monument or Herrington Country Park in my life, but surely there are more noteworthy attractions.
Set in a doctor's office, the scene establishes the film's wry comedic tone and its embrace of human fallibility--specifically Harvey's hypochondria and his outbursts of anger, which always get the better of his shamefaced efforts at self-control.
An apology can be brief, such as `I am terribly sorry' or `I am so shamefaced.
In more balanced times, the Republican bar might have been shamefaced about this sort of judicial activism.
But he looks shamefaced as his mother reminds him of the first time, a few years ago, he performed with an adult bluegrass band.
To the accompaniment of a laughing courtroom of spectators, a shamefaced Rosen admitted, "I stand corrected.