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These concepts include minimizing the crime, blaming the victim, decreasing the shamefulness of the act, increasing guilt feelings, and appealing to the subject's hope for a better outcome.
192) For present purposes, it suffices to recognize that the person with a stigma is not simply responding to threats "out there" in the reactions of others, but to his own sense of the deviance and shamefulness of his condition, triggered by the thought of needing to be tested and of testing positive.
Either overturn and terminate this shamefulness, or join ranks with the criminals, who spit on the law.
Violence against women is unjustness, cruelty and shamefulness,"Turkish Prime Minister said while addressing Women Convention organized in Buyuk Anadolu Hotel in Ankara.
fig-leaves after learning of the shamefulness of nudity and the loss of
the sense of the shamefulness of manual labour may become so strong that, at a critical juncture, it will even set aside the instinct of self-preservation" (42), a notion that hardly squared with the aristocratic imagination of being at the top of the food chain.
Muhammad wrote to him rebuking him for his deed and informing him of the shamefulness of the action he had undertaken and its hideousness.
However much ink he has spilled on the shamefulness of sex, what truly irritates him is simply that sexual arousal is the only involuntary function that appears when it is biologically unnecessary and that the will cannot discipline it into submission.
But nothing can or ever will minimise the injustice and brutality perpetrated on the Biafran people, nor diminish the shamefulness of a British government's frantic, albeit indirect, participation.
Preliminarily, it may be said that the very aboriginal namelessness, secretiveness, and shamefulness of the "spells" imply "the partial other" (myself), which is subject to the instinctual strivings of the id.
I urge you to put this shamefulness behind you, and let Father Roddy sort out his life.
Commercial society only arose when beliefs that are strange to us collapsed--beliefs in matters like just price and the shamefulness of insolvency.