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Those who tune in will get a dose of this OBD's shamelessness -- the "what-can-you-possibly-do-to-me" attitude of one who not merely survives, but thrives
The haka "demonstrates the boldness and shamelessness with which our ancestresses celebrated their reproductive bodies".
However, the Delhi rape case has been discussed not only inside India but internationally because of its brutality, diabolism, cruelty, shamelessness and ferocity.
The delusional Weiner, who has turned shamelessness into performance art, was apparently expecting the sexual equivalent of honor among thieves.
She had tossed aside shame before the respectable society of an entire town, for a shamelessness that was nevertheless looking for something different.
Writing on Labour List, a blog for Labour activists, activist Owen Jones said: "Liam Byrne is also a prime example of the utter shamelessness of the British political elite".
Kanye collaborator Frank Ocean came out publicly this year, but it's been the loud and proud shamelessness of the openly gay underground rappers that's shaken up the dialogue the most--artists such as Leif, Mykki Blanco, and Nicky Da B have had the Internet going nuts.
Yet, these Zionists now have the audacity and shamelessness to accuse their victims of terror and violence.
Admirers love her confidence and shamelessness, but her detractors outline her lack of modesty.
Another spokesperson said that the UAE's claim of the islands was 'shameless', but I want to say to him that shamelessness is personified in him.
While the framing of protest around the idea of shamelessness may not appeal to all people, organizers are quick to point out that the political issues at stake have meaning for all women.
The quality of excess that may be first noticed in the list of books is brought to bear in a much more blatant way in Chapter 10, "Nameless Shamelessness," which is, according to Lamont, his attempt to "show them that I can write erotica, with more panache than a dozen Trellises [his brother-in-law and nemesis] .