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With the rich and vast hinterlands of the Yangtze River Valley, Shanghai quickly emerged as a booming international trading port.
Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival is one of the most important annual festive activities organized by the Shanghai Municipal City Government.
From January 1999 through September 2004, Shanghai CDC collected 6,442 clinical isolates from a total of 6,960 persons with bacteriologically confirmed (by smear or culture) TB.
Shanghai Airlines executives confirmed that the carrier was likely to add Airbus jets to its fleet, but did not disclose the size of the possible order.
This work, thick with historical detail, shows Shanghai is not so much an admirable pattern for the future but a fascinating roll back in time.
Today, of course, the story that Shanghai has shed its Communist past is no longest new.
Together, Parts I and II provide a panoramic view of the variety of prostitution, and the author has quite convincingly argued that, in contrast to other views on the hierarchy of Shanghai prostitution, the lower categories of prostitutes were always the most numerous in the period examined.
who began talks directly with the Shanghai Grand Theater in September of 1999.
Shanghai Tonqiang has agreed to purchase and inventory the lighting necessary to support its sales efforts in China and to display CSL's products in all of its lighting showrooms and outlets.
Shanghai will not only establish a pricing system of natural gas, but also expand the supply to relieve market tension.
Like all modern Asian cities, Shanghai has its fair share of eyesores, yet it can claim some fine examples of modern architecture, not all of them high-rise.
This essay starts with an analysis of mendicancy as a competitive urban profession in modern Shanghai,(4) a city that had one of the nation's largest armies of street beggars.

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