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With modern shaped skis, boots don't have to be as stiff in forward flex as in the past.
For example, the torsional resistance of the same material to a flat shaped indentor was tested at room temperature, 60[degrees]C and 80[degrees]C and at 300 N, 500 N and 700 N axial load (figure 5).
The presence of tree-like structures, known as dendrites, in an irregularly shaped cavity is a good indication of shrinkage.
These shaped cans range from metal bowls for ready-to-eat meals and soups in kettle-shaped cans to square cans that have a great billboard effect on the shelf.
The sonic boom research, called the Shaped Sonic Boom Demonstration program, is jointly sponsored by DARPA, Northrop Grumman Corporation's Integrated Systems sector and the NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia.
Scientists in the field of comparative biomechanics have studied nearly every phylum on the planet and the ways in which mechanical forces have shaped their evolutionary histories.
The seal consists of rubber (NR) bonded to annular shaped steel elements.
Air cylinders around the perimeter of the frame provide the proper degree of tension and slip, in order to prevent wrinkling as the mat is shaped by bringing the two mold halves together.
Following mixing, compounds are shaped by several methods.
The shaped designs will be commercially introduced in 2003.
Of course, they will require some rising time - either overnight in the fridge (this is the quickest way to have bread on hand every day in very little time) or at room temperature - and some will need more rising time once shaped.