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This trend has moved plants with distinctive foliage and little or no woody growth to center stage, while plants known mainly for their flowers have had to prove themselves in an additional capacity - be it longevity of flowering (six to nine months a year with little or no need for dead-heading), resistance to pests, foliage beauty, fragrance or shapeliness.
that women lose shapeliness and desirability with age, and I find myself musing about the cultural and perhaps even physiological connection between the temporary "deformity" of pregnancy and the more lasting "deformity" with which motherhood is associated.
The Journal, on the other hand, has a coherence and shapeliness that makes it a literary work rather than a collection of papers.
The quest for global interpretations and grand narratives is always a mistaken one, assuming a shapeliness in human affairs and a simplicity of human motivation never encountered in muddy actuality.
He said: "A breast imposes various load distributions which have to be dealt with and then you have to add the constraints of comfort and shapeliness.
If upholstery is required, you can have a thin blue covering of it that follows the outlines of seat and back and serves to emphasise their shapeliness.
This is not to deny shapeliness and purpose to Jones's narrative; to paraphrase Edmund Burke, it possesses an excellence in composition.
Earlier the presentational ambitions of Imagist poetry had been incised in visible shapeliness, while Pound's ideogrammatic method was designed to extend immediate gesture into historical time as self-evidence.
In the mirror the shapeliness of drawn-wide and boundback curtains can be seen at the further end of the room.
Some of the repertoire was unfamiliar to them--the English songs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, songs by Mahler and Strauss, British folk songs--but even the familiar repertoire--Handel, Bach, the German Romantics--was sung with a restraint, an elegance of taste, a shapeliness of phrasing and a depth of feeling that made it new and exciting.