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His own reputation as a straight-talking, outspoken - sometimes too outspoken - critic of government policy has also grown, despite an early attempt to seek answers over the cost of a pot plant, and admiring glances from Labour backbencher Alison Halford, who remarked on the shapeliness of his posterior.
Zavarzadeh modified Frye's "polaristic" directional model by arguing that every narrative has a particular "angle of reference," a particular vector along a spectrum from completely "fictive" to completely "factual" (54, 77-78): "The nonfiction novel has the shapeliness of fiction and the authority of reality usually reserved for factual narrative but transcends both, becoming the concrete narrative correlative for the fictuality of the present times" (57).
The text is an intricate embroidery of thematic images, and much of the success of the book lies in the concreteness and shapeliness with which its tale of female maturation into freedom of mind is told.
form and shapeliness to the whole and extra significance to each of the parts thus compared.
This trend has moved plants with distinctive foliage and little or no woody growth to center stage, while plants known mainly for their flowers have had to prove themselves in an additional capacity - be it longevity of flowering (six to nine months a year with little or no need for dead-heading), resistance to pests, foliage beauty, fragrance or shapeliness.
that women lose shapeliness and desirability with age, and I find myself musing about the cultural and perhaps even physiological connection between the temporary "deformity" of pregnancy and the more lasting "deformity" with which motherhood is associated.
The Journal, on the other hand, has a coherence and shapeliness that makes it a literary work rather than a collection of papers.
The quest for global interpretations and grand narratives is always a mistaken one, assuming a shapeliness in human affairs and a simplicity of human motivation never encountered in muddy actuality.
Through a whole series of careful and percipient readings of particular hymns Watson alerts us to their structural shapeliness, their textual ingenuity, and their metaphorical complexity.