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The court had previously heard that Mr Shapely had sent a picture to his wife Karen of a suicide attempt, with the words "see you in heaven.
After the breakdown of his marriage he moved in with his parents and, last September 16, Mr Shapely returned from the pub and threatened his mother with a knife.
The Second Dance was shapely, with Noseda giving full flow to the beautiful melody while Dance Eight was much more exuberant.
Known by the common names wood sorrel and shamrock, ornamental oxalis has delicate white or pink star-shoped flowers that peek above shapely green leaves.
The essays were shapely, epigrammatic, and "earned.
The healthy, 1925 Miss Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, beauty queen whose shapely legs her daughters inherited had wasted away from the disease's devastation.
At left, a shapely Tyra Banks makes an eye-catching fashion statement in a sleek, form-fitting gown.
In these colorful, shapely fruits grown in southern France--the Midi--we might envision the reverse: the variety of vibrant people in a locale who are fruit of the vine of Christ, some gathered into the Roman communion, some scattered on the wider table.
Depictions of shapely, scantily clad women are standard in Japanese comics and animations, and this series gladly provides them.
In the last section of Nocturnal Path, the pair performs a handsomely crafted, intertwined sculptured duet with many shapely references to Asian art motifs.
A young, shapely warrior named Makri serves is his friend and defender.
Sheep bearing one gene variant, dubbed callipyge (from the Greek for shapely buttocks), convert food into muscle 30 percent more efficiently than usual, report scientists at the Agricultural Research Service in Clay Center, Neb.