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This gives tremendous flexibility, allowing a lot of different shapes to be produced at the same time without mold changes and at high production rates.
Keywords: Ibn Sina-al-Biruni correspondence; shape of the heavens; criticism of Aristotle's reasoning for the spherical motion of the heavens; sublunar physics; theory of transformation of elements.
We also talked about strategies like using markers of different colors to outline shapes.
The shape of the pressure pulse does not change significantly with rotor speed.
Key words: calibration methods; contact mechanics; depth-sensing indentation; elastic modulus; instrumented indentation; measurement science; nanoindentation; tip shape characterization.
Phil Haney, president of Karastan Rug & Home, said the best way for retailers to sell shapes is by displaying them on racks or, better yet, on the floor.
What gives particular cause for optimism about his future films is his magnanimous point of view in which everything is potentially useful, from computer technology to stick-on shapes.
So, for the shape shells, the trick is packing the stars so they make a recognizable shape when they burst.
Year 1--Recognise and classify familiar two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects using obvious features (ACMMG022)
The shapes we may not have noticed can take on new meanings and significance.
A step during fabrication of an object associates a shape with each state.