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The Air Force Personnel Center will conduct a force shaping board in March 2007 for lieutenants in the 2004 year group in overage career fields.
On March 1, these voluntary initiatives close to Force Shaping Board-eligible officers as the personnel center will no longer accept separation applications from these officers.
Dimensional accuracy - using the roll to pull compound from the preform bank past the final shaping die results in zero pressure extrusion and a dimensionally accurate product.
Swan Labs, the premier provider of Enterprise Application Shaping Solutions to Global 2000 companies, today announced that it has joined the Siebel Systems Alliance Program as a Platform Partner.
Both are processed as a viscous mass and their viscosities must be adjusted to suit different processes, such as mixing and shaping.
TScale is the first and only product in the marketplace that combines Application Optimization with Application Shaping in one easy to install and easy to administer product.
Previous data have also shown that failure to restore a dilated left ventricle to its optimal elliptical shape resulted in an increase risk of post-operative mitral regurgitation and that restoration procedures performed without the use of a shaping device can result in ventricles that post-operatively are too small, potentially leading to restrictive cardiomyopathy, or too large, and therefore similar to their preoperative diseased state.
CellGlide, a leading provider of innovative mobile traffic shaping solutions, today announced that it has secured $10 million in a financing round led by TLCom Capital Partners.
It is also the ideal solution for shaping traffic coming from PBX, VoIP, voice gateways, video traffic, and traffic that runs from branch to branch.
Never resting on its laurels, this ATM innovator has perfected its much appreciated traffic shaping feature.
The Company's LADARVision system combines laser radar eye tracking with narrow beam shaping technology.
Its higher-resolution shaping will also help radiation oncologists deliver advanced conformal and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) treatments.