share an address

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For example, it allows you to share an address book with your whole company or consolidate it with other business tools your business uses like Xero, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, and many others.
Not least because, it would appear, the two sides almost share an address.
While the ownership of HPR Hemlock is not known, the company's registered offices share an address with the Fort Worth Business Journal and Business Journal Chairman Richard Connor -- most recently a top executive at dailies in Maine and Pennsylvania -- was said to be "assisting with the transition" from old owners to new.
Carlos Falchi and Isabella Fiore will share an address with several of the world's most renowned designers including Oscar De La Renta, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren," said Heaner.
The satellite campus will share an address with Workforce Central of Southbridge, a state office to help job seekers, providing "great synergy for people looking for educational opportunities to get back into the work force," Ms.
The brothers, who share an address in Georgiana Close, Thornaby, now have similar orders imposed upon them.