sharp criticism

See: reproach
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Lotte Foods has come under sharp criticism for allegedly cashing in on the nation's curling fever.
They came under sharp criticism when they rejected the first list of governor's nominees to the county Cabinet.
The government is under sharp criticism over the continued loss of lives on roads.
Summary: The European Union Monday reaffirmed its support for a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers despite sharp criticism of the accord by President Donald Trump, and it urged U.
The decision about using pellets and bullets against protesters has been taken by Indian government despite sharp criticism from international human rights groups.
The influx of almost a million refugees to Germany in 2015 prompted sharp criticism of Mrs Merkel from some politicians on the right, including her conservative allies in Bavaria.
The Hamas decision has received sharp criticism from different faction leaders, including those of Fatah and other factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
But I was particularly surprised by the sharp criticism I received from Jordanian people; it totally depressed me, and that's when I decided to stay away from the spotlight.
The hackers wrote phrases in the local dialect, and directed sharp criticism to the political parties to which they belong, blaming them of what Iraq and its people are going through from suffering and poor services , as well as the invasion of Daash organization to areas in Iraq.
Some concrete signs of this include the sharp criticism recently issued by Arinc and Ecelik, as well as the unforgiving arguments within the pro-government media, and the tough remarks by Turkish Industry and Business Association (TE[pounds sterling]SyAD) President Cansen BaE-aran-Symes about deficiencies in democracy and legal order in Turkey.
The extreme heat of up to 44 degrees Celsius - the hottest since 1981 - coincided with power failures and triggered sharp criticism of the governments response in the city of 20 million people.
Sharp criticism has come from all sides, including a devastating appraisal today from his own rank and file.