sharp words

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Like a lioness, when the cook-boy had struck him with a stick to drive him out of the kitchen, had Biddy sprung upon the black, receiving without wince or whimper one straight blow from the stick, and then downing him and mauling him among his pots and pans until dragged (for the first time snarling) away by the unchiding Mister Haggin, who; however, administered sharp words to the cook- boy for daring to lift hand against a four-legged dog belonging to a god.
Mac's fault," and Phebe told the sad tale in a few sharp words, for she felt at war with the entire race of boys at that moment.
That is what troubles me, for the sharp words fly out before I know what I'm about, and the more I say the worse I get, till it's a pleasure to hurt people's feelings and say dreadful things.
I asked him to help me so, and he never forgot it, but saved me from many a sharp word by that little gesture and kind look.
And Jaitley's sharp words were among the many indications of the bitter tussle between the ruling Trinamool Congress government in Bengal and the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Union government in Delhi.
Its owner delivered a heartfelt apology For his errant pit bull wannabe Sharp words were said, but he did concede, That his man's best friend should be on a lead.
He said: "We had some pretty sharp words at half–time.
Mars sharpens his boil-bursting sword from the 20th and for you he wields it with sharp words.
Summary: Sharp words fly due to Ankara's move to tighten government control over its top judicial body and its purge of police.
Thomas and the Idukki bishop had exchanged sharp words over the issue.
Sources said Singh's unusually sharp words expressing his "big disappointment" with Sharif on Friday indicate his annoyance over the Pakistani PM not heeding an unambiguous signal that firing on the LoC and the border must stop.
Your scumbag of a client filmed me having sex without my consent and that's the only fact that matters," ABC quoted the female cadet's sharp words to the defence lawyer.