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He added that 2,526 illegal items were seized at the airport in 2012, of which 1,888 were laser pointers and 638 were sharp-edged weapons.
Reportedly, a team of six bike-borne miscreants attacked people with dagger and other sharp-edged weapons at Devital Weekly market in Dhubri district's Kajigaon area on Sunday evening.
According to police, the bodies of a man and woman wrapped up in gunnysack were killed with a sharp-edged tool.
Lahore, June 19(ANI): In another security lapse in less than a month, two criminal gangs attacked each other with sharp-edged weapons in a Pakistan courtroom, besides trying to assault a judge and hold him hostage.
13 -- A 40-year old man, father of five, was killed by unidentified assailants, who cut his throat with a sharp-edged weapon in the Chuhng police precincts on Thursday.
Most of the 11 originals here sublimely intertwine the bitter and the sweet, and Allen delivers them in a voice that can flip mid-phrase from a twittering trill to a sharp-edged sneer.
Then the enormous, sharp-edged peaks of the park's north-south mountain range begin to show above the treetops.
Otherwise the double facade--a fully glazed floor-to-ceiling thermal glass frame behind the metal--successfully maintains the illusion of the cubes as impenetrable, sharp-edged objects.
However, Stevenson avoids romanticizing the gift sphere as a "finer" or more moral economic arena; in tone, his recounting of Fairweather's odyssey is distinctly sharp-edged.
The Boston Ballet introduced us to file sharp-edged choreography of Jorma Elo.
We think there's a personal element because terrorists do not use sharp-edged weapons.
The Goldenedge surface treatment is for blades and other sharp-edged cutting tools.