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The New Mrs D is a refreshing, sharp-witted and empowering romp that reflects real life, delves into unspoken about subjects and slaps the reader in the face with honesty.
In a eulogy, son Mark, described his dad as a generous, caring, funny and sharp-witted man.
Downing Street Diary is a sharp-witted account, peppered with pungent comments and scathing observations, particularly about left-wing trade union leaders and certain Labour figures.
I'll Be Sober In the Morning: Great Political Comebacks, Put downs, & Ripostes" shows that some of the most powerful men in the world have also have been some of the most sharp-witted.
Geiger's sharp-witted body of work is characterized by a buoyant lightness and a seductive elegance: Past projects include felt carpets laid wall to wall, stacks of colorful terry-cloth towels, cardboard objects, couture for curators, Russian tanks encased in terry cloth, and a birthday paint job for the Secession Building (a slatternly "rouge vulgaire").
Mason's style is as sharp-witted as ever, but each of the stories surrounding Spence + Lila seems peculiarly isolated: in some cases, a chapter from an unwritten novel; in others, a framework for journal impressions.
JO Caulfield returns with the same brand of scathing and sharp-witted comedy which led Graham Norton to claim: "I never knew I could like a woman so much.
Garland Richard Kyle: Lit buffs will love this sharp-witted assortment of LGBT-themed shorts, poetry and prose.
Popular Oprah Winfrey and sharp-witted Jay Leno bothwant to sign her up for her first in-depth US telly interview.
Never a dull moment with a sharp-witted Gemini boy around.
Yes, it's that John Milton, and he's the unlikely subject of a sharp-witted new biographical drama.