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The software compares this sharpness to a user-specified criterion and indicates whether the tip is acceptable or should be replaced.
The LeEco Le 2Where to buy 11998Where to buy 11998 is easily the most consistent smartphone camera among these five smartphones, with the level of details and sharpness.
Our association is well established and each year we hold a reunion at Sharpness when several hundred attend.
He said: "We still need a little sharpness, but we have four days and the team knows exactly what they have to do against Togo"
The properties investigated included tension, acceleration, sharpness, softness, crispness, convexity (the opposite of "bump" or "crown"), concavity (a type of hollowness, also the opposite to convexity), and lead in.
I've been fit since the pre-season tour but I'm still working my way back to some sort of match sharpness.
Glass is a material that the artist has used in previous works to suggest contrary meanings--purity, clarity, fragility, and transparency versus danger, severity, and razor sharpness.
The forbidden knives are made of polymers or other synthetic materials like glass-filled Zytel nylon, which the makers advertise can be filed to a near razor sharpness and can withstand as much force as its steel counterparts.
As it is, the final chapter loses some of the sharpness of the argument that actually culminates the penultimate chapter on politics and architecture.
The sleek sharpness, the flicking ganchos, the seething, swiveling maneuvers of this form are nowhere to be found.
From its Earth-orbiting vantage point, Hubble can only resolve features larger than 250 kilometers across -- one-third the sharpness of Voyager's camera.
An addition to the popular Thermal-Eye 4000 series product line, the 5000xp thermal imaging camera enables users to see the unseen with much improved clarity and sharpness and, ultimately, to make better and more informed life-saving decisions.