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The dexterity of her nimble fingers was remarkable, and, as she brought two thin edges accurately together by giving them a little bite, she would glance at the visitors out of the corners of her grey eyes with a look that out-sharpened all her other sharpness.
sharpness, of showed a I thought, bit of quality know he has, in training.
The dynamic sharpness control can be adjusted for up to five different diagnoses.
One 12-megapixel sensor is tuned to capture all the colours, and the other one captures the blacks and whites, adding to the sharpness and contrast of the photographs you shoot with it.
His sharpness is nowhere near what it was last year and you can see that as much as I can.
These new lenses support 3-megapixel 2/3 format and deliver edge-to-edge even sharpness and cover five different focal lengths.
LIVERPOOL manager Brendan Rodgers admits his side lacked the sharpness to break down Blackburn but was aggrieved they did not have at least one penalty in their goalless FAF Cup A Cup quarter-nal at Aneld.
The study from the Women's Healthy Aging Project study in Australia also found that taking care of grandchildren five days a week or more had some negative effects on tests of mental sharpness.
The sharpness of the blade and the additional cutting length means the user is cutting material with each movement of the blade.
Taken in Tynemouth at Sharpness Point, the older photograph shows the newly-opened outdoor pool in the summer of 1925.
He has the trickery and sharpness to get into dangerous positions and, when he gets there, he can keep his composure to score.