shed light upon

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When she deemed that Ulysses had had both of his wife and of repose, she bade gold-enthroned Dawn rise out of Oceanus that she might shed light upon mankind.
In addition to Professor Wilson, there are many people who have been working behind the scenes to shed light upon this historic crime spree that had communities living in fear during a time before security systems and video surveillance.
It will also shed light upon the Ministry of Interior's plan to raise the efficiency of the traffic system and means of partnership with the private sector with regards to the automation of traffic lights and facilitating licensing, in addition to the role of safe roads role in traffic safety.
In this amalgam of action, humor, darkness, and political commentary, will the infection that spreads beyond the prison walls shed light upon the hidden problems in the political relations between two countries?
READERS are being urged to help shed light upon one of the city's brave sons who died in WW1 as part of a Heritage Lottery-funded project.
Remaining chapters focus on the narratives themselves, selecting and commenting upon records that shed light upon a number of topics: slave perception of battles, acts of resistance and loyalty, involvement with either side's military, the day Union forces arrived, perceptions of the major figures in the war, and finally the unfolding of emancipation and what happened to freed slaves afterward.
His strength here--as with the book in general--is his ability to draw upon Russian archives to really shed light upon Soviet actions and motivations.
We hope that salvaging the WWII aircraft will educate the young and shed light upon this memorable period in China's history, and through the introduction of the war themed games including "World of Tanks," "World of Warplanes" and "World of Warships," we can help enhance Chinese people's national defense awareness and sense of patriotism.
It is hoped the work will shed light upon the fortunes of Bromborough, which by 1066 formed one of the richest estates in Cheshire and was held by the Anglo-Saxon Earl Edwin.
Live Witness aims to lift the curtain and shed light upon the mystery of the theatre, and it most definitely succeeds.
The aim of this project is to shed light upon this problem by chemically interrogating biological systems that rely on several subunits working in concert rather than on single proteins working alone.
A recent survey has shed light upon an additional cost that many motorists may have noticed when checking their car in for repairs.