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SHEEP. A wether more than a year old. 4 Car. & Payne, 216; 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 331, S. C.

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RUFF AND READY A woman grooms an Old English sheepdog, a dog arrives in a rain jacket and, below, competitors with their Saint Bernards
The Sheepdog trials results are as follows: 1st - Arthur Temple with Floss (90/100) 2nd - Paul Turnbull with Mik (86/100) 3rd - David Henderson with Star (85/100) 4th - Colin Balmbro with Scott (81/100) 5th - Bobby Henderson with Skid (80/100 OLF) 6th - Willie Welsh with Sam (86/100) Best local prizes as follows: 1st - Colin Balmbro with Scott 2nd - Michael Davidson with Taff Novice winner was Ciaran McNulty with his dog Kim.
He must rank as one of the best breeder and trainer of sheepdogs in Wales.
Friday is mainly sheepdog heats while Saturday features sheepdog heats, a fell race, and the best looking dog class.
But Teg needs to be assessed by the Welsh Sheepdog Society (yes, this is an actual thing).
Kate sets out to discover if Teg belongs to one of these rare breeds, criss-crossing Wales as she uncovers the story of the Welsh Sheepdog and tries to find a mate for Teg.
Filmed over a year, the series will make you fall in love with Teg - 'who looks like a cross between David Bowie and Basil Brush' - but also highlights how true working sheepdog breeds are disappearing.
Kate, who lives on a 117-acre farm in Monmouth with TV producer hubby Ludo Graham, said: "It is incredible that there are more giant pandas in the world than the number of registered Welsh sheepdogs.
While both sides of the debate over bearing arms have a tendency to relegate armed citizens to the role of sheepdog, that is a role that the law and prudence won't let us accept, though some of us will try despite the obstacles.
She'll go into the sheepdog trial world after this, where she will do extremely well.
31: Llanarmon DC sheepdog trials (District classes).
2011 World Sheepdog Trials More4, 7pm DEPENDING on whether you are fond of pre-Raphaelite poetry or farming-related pastimes (don't all rush forward at once), when you hear the repetition of the words "come by" you'll either think of Christina Rossetti's poem Goblin Market or sheepdog trials, writes Michael Brear.