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As the story progresses, Jo settles in a mining town named Ruby City and, after an unsuccessful attempt at mining, becomes a sheepherder.
An old Navajo sheepherder once told me this story: "Each morning in the desert, the rabbit wakes up and says to himself, 'Today, I must be able to outrun the fastest coyote, or I will die.
Author Susan Conklin Thompson, a University of Wyoming education professor, looks at a wide variety of jobs, including: anthropologist, architect, candy store clerk, dancer, doctor, fashion designer, lobster fisherman, Navajo medicine man, postal worker, sheepherder, superintendent of schools and truck driver.
from Italy after an unlucky stint as a sheepherder.
The new bank teller, a brisk young man from the East, frowned impatiently when the Basque sheepherder tried to explain his business in very broken English.
On March 14, 1968, when I was eleven years old, a sheepherder drove out to his range to find 6,400 sheep in convulsions or already dead.
Ulan Bator, Mongolia: On a stool in his portable felt and canvas yurt, Yadamsuren, a seventy-year-old nomadic sheepherder, offered a visitor chunks of sheep fat and shots of fermented mare's milk to ward off the unspeakable cold.
Three cattlemen are about to hang a Scottish sheepherder They are kicking around the young Hispanic boy who is helping him with the sheep.
Upfield immigrated to Australia in 1911 and was a sheepherder, gold miner, cowhand, soldier, and fur trapper before turning to writing.
Smart & Final's corporate ancestor) opened it sfirst unit in downtown Los Angeles, the city had a population of about 6,000 people, and shoppers came to the store looking for gunpowder, rope and sheepherder supplies.