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The truck made its way down into the valley and stopped at the first farm it came to, which happened to be the farm of Mayer Bobchik the sheepherder.
An old Navajo sheepherder once told me this story: "Each morning in the desert, the rabbit wakes up and says to himself, 'Today, I must be able to outrun the fastest coyote, or I will die.
Piazzoni's End of the Day, of 1903, for example, a much acclaimed early work, depicts a sheepherder driving home his flock as night begins to fall.
The new bank teller, a brisk young man from the East, frowned impatiently when the Basque sheepherder tried to explain his business in very broken English.
On March 14, 1968, when I was eleven years old, a sheepherder drove out to his range to find 6,400 sheep in convulsions or already dead.
People come from all over the world to see the statue of Shep, the loyal collie that was devoted to his sheepherder master, says Sharalee Smith, a member of the River and Plains Society and the Fort Benton Restoration Society.
However, the servant took pity on the child, and handed him over to a sheepherder to raise.
Three cattlemen are about to hang a Scottish sheepherder They are kicking around the young Hispanic boy who is helping him with the sheep.
Juaristi, son of Basque immigrants who fled Franco's Spain in 1948, grew up to become a sheepherder in Elko, Nevada.
In New Zealand, a retired sheepherder set out to be the oldest man ever to make a parachute jump from an aircraft into a wagonload of hay.