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Each image is rendered at its most ornamental, with a quality of existence that can only be described as 'orchidaceous,' so sheerly over-the-top is the aesthetics that gladden the heart and eyes even before the mind could make sense of the lush iconography.
His Ave Maris Stella, sheerly beautiful, created simple devotional warmth out of refreshing simple constructional ideas, and his O Sing unto the Lord a New Song brought an unexpectedly subdued response to this exuberant text, the busy organ heard as if from a distance until eventually entering centre stage to build a thundering conclusion after the choral contributions had come to an end.
Even some aspects of the dog's conformation that seem sheerly cosmetic can have effects on his health.
It may be underscored that the Prophet (SAW) recruited even non-Muslims for diplomatic services sheerly on the basis of their competency.
She wants sheerly imaginative constructive activity to afford well-defined sites of reflection and to manifest them as actual sites of experience.
Such a sheerly negative, invented world stalls historical time, binding the characters to an irrecoverable, monumental past and its high Modernist aesthetic.
I was interested not sheerly because of the antimicrobial aspect, but because it's about keeping my buildings safe and free from infections.
He expresses the relationship between Trinity and hell when he states, "Christ takes the existential measure of everything that is sheerly contrary to God, of the entire object of the divine eschatological judgment, which here is grasped in that event in which it is 'cast down' (hormemati blethesetai, Apocalypse 18, 21; John 12, 31; Matthew 22, 13).
This sheerly formal gag is pretty esoteric, I grant you, but it's typical of Hong's urge to tweak the simplest materials.
And that's a nice optimism to hold in front of you as you head into a project as difficult, as work-intensive and as sheerly exhausting as the civic drama.
He threw his weight sheerly on the dint of his honesty and crystal clear character to the extent that even his few petty detractors cannot question his integrity and shining past.
With a see–through top, matching shorts and the unforgivable socks and sandals combo, sheerly this must be some sort of mistake?