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Monitoring of the tear in the ice shows the tear has turned toward the outer edge of the ice where the shelf meets the water, indicating the eventual break will probably happen sooner rather than later.
This is particularly true for the Ross Ice Shelf, which is the largest ice shelf in the world.
Your gondola and shelf dimensions will be different than other c-store retailers, which is what makes your shelf requirements unique, too.
Bottom line: Shelf placement is a complex endeavor that is driven by a push and pull between buyers and shoppers.
The only caveat is that the top of the figure-eight shows above the surface of the shelf, so it may be visible if you hang the shelf low.
The range is intended for shelf placement or direct sales from the pallet.
using test results from the Shelf Life Extension System (SLES).
The jumbled topography is probably a sign that melting rates in that part of the ice shelf are high, says Nicholls.
The many forms of shelf art are basic to children's art.
Today's typical shelf managers are generally proprietary and are not conducive to other architectures and protocols.
HS: The shelf with objects is a nexus of social interaction.
Software Shelf has announced that Microsoft has just awarded XP Logo certification to their newly released product, File-Rescue Plus 3.