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We are especially happy to be opening this plant in Pulaski County, and can't thank the county, the Commonwealth of Kentucky or the various regional and local development agencies enough for helping to make this plant a reality," said Craig Knight, president and CEO of Shell Shock Technologies and ShellTech.
A prominent Canadian doctor named Sir Andrew MacPhail opined that shell shock was a "manifestation of childishness and femininity" and feared that the effects of shell shock could, if untreated, spread throughout a battalion.
of black shell shock, how were the experiences of black shell-shocked
The film deals with a soldier whose shell shock manifests itself in a bout of blindness following a near-death experience in the trenches, and Kaes's account of it sets the tone for the centrality of shell shock within the text.
In this issue, we explore the history of shell shock and the terrible personal toll it exacted on those afflicted by it.
The Defence Secretary rejected Pte Farr's case on the grounds that it could not be proven conclusively that shell shock was behind Farr's refusal to go back to the front.
Shell Shock is an engrossing account which reveals details that have never been included in any company accounts.
But another doctor, discussing shell shock in 1918, was explicit in the sharp boundary between nervous breakdown and insanity, arguing that victims had no need for institutionalization and could indeed continue to work.
Shell shock treatments during and after the First World War varied, from the idea that patients would be cured from psychoanalysis to harsh and sometimes cruel "suggestive" methods.
The case was adjourned for reconsideration after an hour of argument in which Mr Fitzgerald suggested that Mr Reid's decision earlier this year upholding previous Ministry of Defence decisions not to grant a posthumous pardon may have been a "charade", and the minister had failed to approach the shell shock issue with "an open mind".
The family has always maintained her father was no coward but a victim of shell shock, and his plight was ignored.