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For example, Paden never quite explains the historical and cultural circumstances by which the figure of shepherdess came to embody the qualities that it did.
Former Newsome High School student Amanda, now 41, left her comfortable town life in Hudders-field to pursue her lifelong dream to become a hill shepherdess.
There was plenty of fire in the finale and a delicate touch for the china shepherdess slow movement with its muted string accompaniment.
QUICKIE Across: 1 Shepherdess, 8 Ali, 9 Tip, 11 Dormant, 12 Unite, 13 Age, 14 Red, 15 Unscrew, 17 Toe, 19 Oral, 21 Ward, 23 Knee, 25 Peel, 27 Paw, 29 Embassy, 31 Rat, 34 Bed, 36 Knead, 37 Preheat, 38 Ate, 39 Ash, 40 Investigate.
The standout was soprano Meredith Hall in the seriocomic role of Dorinda, the shepherdess.
Featuring eleven wonderful "fiber art" illustrations (photographs of three-dimensional artworks sculpted from colored wool), Rainbow Sheep is a charming, flat-spined picturebook about a little shepherdess who cheers up a sad rainbow by telling him funny stories.
Bleatally, blattally, Mary the shepherdess Had a white lamb which would Follow her path.
Jane doesn't mind dressing up like a shepherdess, or a geisha, or a cowgirl.
The talented youngster, who has been dancing since she was two, will play a shepherdess in Country Suite and will also be a "note" in the Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra.
I've been Venus, a shepherdess, cupid, shade, coquette, handmaiden, three-legged man, juggler--and all the commedia [dell'arte] stuff.
So he returned to the television studios the following day dressed as a shepherdess called Justine - and won through to the next round.
When she gets out of the hospital she decides to be a shepherdess, a resolution that lasts until she meets the next male slug.