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This little company appeared funny enough, I assure you, for they had disguised themselves as shepherds.
Here Melanthius son of Dolius overtook them as he was driving down some goats, the best in his flock, for the suitors' dinner, and there were two shepherds with him.
We look over monseigneur's sheep and goats; we make the shepherds dance to pipes and reeds, as is written in a book monseigneur has in his library, which is called `Bergeries.
The shepherds are all very weary and want to sleep.
This story is about one of the shepherds who saw the angels on the first Christmas night.
In a similar manner a whole pack of the hungry wild dogs will scarcely ever (and I was told by some never) venture to attack a flock guarded by even one of these faithful shepherds.
Verily, those shepherds also were still of the flock!
The worst o' these here shepherds is, my boy, that they reg'larly turns the heads of all the young ladies, about here.
Miss Shepherd is a boarder at the Misses Nettingalls' establishment.
The shepherd himself, though he had good reason to believe that the bag held nothing but flaxen thread, or else the long rolls of strong linen spun from that thread, was not quite sure that this trade of weaving, indispensable though it was, could be carried on entirely without the help of the Evil One.
The hunter determined to become a shepherd, and his wife too became a shepherdess.
Mr Shepherd, a civil, cautious lawyer, who, whatever might be his hold or his views on Sir Walter, would rather have the disagreeable prompted by anybody else, excused himself from offering the slightest hint, and only begged leave to recommend an implicit reference to the excellent judgement of Lady Russell, from whose known good sense he fully expected to have just such resolute measures advised as he meant to see finally adopted.