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He shifted the camp-stool back again, and looked at Mrs.
All at once his position had shifted and he knew that something awful had happened.
Heathcliff's black eyes flashed; he seemed ready to tear Catherine in pieces, and I was just worked up to risk coming to the rescue, when of a sudden his fingers relaxed; he shifted his grasp from her head to her arm, and gazed intently in her face.
After lying like that for a while he shifted forward once and again, threw a leg over, and finally seated himself, supporting his feet on the loose breeching-straps.
The next moment the hundred and odd pairs of eyes shifted to Campbell.
The eyes shifted to Harnish, who scribbled on a piece of paper and shoved it forward.
Not the weight of a body shifted from one leg to the other.
Although the position cannot be shifted by the SBW ECU, the powertrain ECU continues control if the vehicle is in the D position so that the driver can perform failsafe driving.
Now the school building has been constructed but the school management has shifted primary section to second shift which has evoked strong concern among the girls and their parents.
I would like your thoughts on the increased use of the shift, why batters fail to take advantage of it, and other retired hitters that teams shifted on regularly.
He said the schools and colleges in which the number of students in evening shifts is less enough to be easily accommodated in morning shifts should be gradually shifted to morning shifts.
The main goal of this paper is to construct and study a proper analog of the plactic monoid for (semistandard) shifted Young tableaux, with similar properties and similar applications.