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The Truckers Syndicate and some ship chandlers have filed a lawsuit against the Port Authority and the Public Works and Transport Ministry which is currently being heard at the Higher Shura Council.
Apollo Ship Chandlers brings over forty years of experience in the cruise ship catering industry to its impressive list of clients.
Ship building had all but ceased by the time the railway came in 1867 and Penmaenpool, with its pub and ship chandlers, became a station on the Cambrian Railway.
Private labels and contract manufacturing continue to attract more and more interest throughout the Middle East and we are happy that the exhibition has brought representatives from various sectors including hypermarkets, retailers, grocery chains, departmental stores, hotels, restaurant chains, airlines, duty free travel, ship chandlers, brand management companies and re-exporters.
There are patriot "shoemakers, saddlers, carpenters, wheelwrights, blacksmiths, coopers, tailors and ship chandlers," as well as their counterpart Loyalists--and the splendidly trained but equally human redcoats and Hessians.
the operator of the ship; Zenith Shipping Corporation, the owner of the vessel; Apollo Ship Chandlers, a provider of service and personnel for the ship; and Celebrity Catering Services Partnership, a food and food service provider.
It is also being distributed at take-away sushi shops, by ship chandlers and through the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.
It doesn't have to be expensive - check out a ship chandlers or hardware store for rope.