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After more than four decades of dominance of the Liberian cement market by a single company, a milestone was dramatically accomplished in Liberia on Monday May 18, when the first shipment of 12,500 mt of high grade cement entered the Liberian Port, with another shipload of 25,000 mt scheduled to arrive in June and every month thereafter.
The women join a shipload of other "brides" for the six-week journey to their new home.
The seizure by Somali pirates of a shipload of tanks that many believe were destined for South Sudan has highlighted the arms build-up in the region.
The shipload of weapons for Zimbabwe will return to China, officials confirmed yesterday.
It is the second book of what will be a trilogy, detailing the harsh life and times of the Oathsworn, a shipload of hard men owing no allegiance save to each other, bound by an oath made under the eye of Odin.
In Steven Spielberg's excellent drama, a bitter legal battle erupts over the ownership of a shipload of African slaves, but as the case progresses, their plight comes to the fore as the lawyers are offered an insight into the inhumanity of slavery.
And that success is being mirrored in the all-important US market where it entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No 7, the highest debut ever recorded by a female British artist, and continues to sell by the shipload.
I was sent to Canada in the first shipload of Children's Overseas Reception Board evacuees when I was eight and a half.
00) returns former SEAL Mike Harmon, hero of GHOST, KILDAR and others, to the forefront: here he's rejecting a new call to action to thwart a dangerous shipload of VX from arriving in the States--but when an ambush meant for him claims his best friend, the Kildar agrees to return to new duty in this fast-paced action story.
It's no wonder the Japanese are importing Qashqais by the shipload from the Sunderland plant where they are built.
If they are an exporter, they want to see multiple freight costs that can be prorated against multiple items on a shipload," Underwood says.
The first Japanese ashore may well have been some off-course Japanese traders carrying a shipload of mikan oranges, who were stranded on the islands after a shipwreck in 1670.