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Under the long-delayed deal, the 177-mile pipeline will be completed by the end of 2007 to link Bulgaria's Black Sea port of Bourgas with Greece's Aegean port of Alexandroupolis, a link that its sponsors hope will provide a faster, safer and cheaper alternative than carrying shiploads of oil through the Bosporus.
Maybe David and Victoria, with their fleet of cars, several homes, and shiploads of clothes, are symbolic of what Christmas has become after all.
WHEN Joan Burnie says she prefers shiploads of toxic waste landing in Hartlepool to a visit by Bush, she obviously doesn't have a clue about the dangers of asbestos fibres.
In the 19th century, sailors on whale and seal hunts took shiploads for food.
It's fair to wonder who really is the beneficiary of these shiploads of GM food aid: hungry Africans or American corporations hungry to open new markets.
The inability of other ports in the region to handle large shiploads of food underscores the need for investment in expanding and upgrading port facilities.
Thanks to efficient private piers, improved facilities and its position as a Mercosur maritime gateway, the Argentine port has done what Brazilian port operators thought impossible: usurped shiploads of cargo that Santos assumed were headed for its docks only.
It has fallen into ill repute in recent years as former directors like Raul Salinas, brother of former president Carlos Salinas, brought in shiploads of bad beans and radioactive milk and used agency trucks to move drug loads north.
Though the initial shipment consisted solely of four shiploads of Dark & Lovely hair products, which are salon-exclusive in Brazil, the company has plans to export its other product lines.
By the time the Bristol merchants marketed their shiploads of sassafras, the price had risen to 336 English pounds per ton, equivalent to $25,200 a ton today.
By 1503 the Portuguese had reached the Indonesian islands and brought back shiploads of spices that broke the Venetian monopoly.
And as shiploads of these tires have arrived in the United States, so has A.