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SHIP. This word, in its most enlarged sense, signifies a vessel employed in navigation; for example, the terms the ship's papers, the ship's husband, shipwreck, and the like, are employed whether the vessel referred to be a brig, a sloop, or a three-masted vessel.
     2. In a more confined sense, it means such a vessel with three masts 4 Wash. C. C. Rep. 530; Wesk. Inst. h.t. p. 514 the boats and rigging; 2 Marsh. Ins. 727 together with the anchors, masts, cables, pullies, and such like objects, are considered as part of the ship. Pard. n. 599; Dig. 22, 2, 44.
     3. The capacity of a ship is ascertained by its tonnage, or the space which may be occupied by its cargo. Vide Story's Laws U. S. Index, h.t.; Gordon's Dig. h.t.; Abbott on Ship. Index, h.t.; Park. Ins. Index, h.t.; Phil. Ev. Index, h.t. Bac. Ab. Merchant, N; 3 Kent, Com. 93 Molloy, Jure Mar. Index, h.t.; l Chit. Pr. 91; Whart. Dig. h.t.; 1 Bell's Com. 496, 624; and see General Ships; Names of Ships.

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He gave a brief account of the progress of Karachi Shipyard and highlighted the projects being undertaken which include 17000 Tons Fleet Tanker, Fast Attack Craft Missile, one 12 tons bollard pull pusher tug and twenty two (22) bridge erection boats for Pak Army.
It provides the critical transportation link in Qatar's LNG supply chain, overseeing the activities of the country's world-class shipyard and providing services to vessels in Qatari waters.
Apart from its regular customers from Germany and the Netherlands, Rousse Shipyard JSC seeks to establish business contacts with new partners, including ones from the rapidly developing market in Russia, the statement went on to say.
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The Navy has not issued guidance detailing the need for shipyard strategic plans or what to include in them.