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Presently when Tom was describing another mangy, rough deck passenger, he give that shiver again and says:
A shiver ran through her frame, and from it through his.
There is one cock who gets upon a post to crow, and seems to take particular notice of me as I look at him through the kitchen window, who makes me shiver, he is so fierce.
There is no more to say, but east and west, In go the speares sadly in the rest, In goth the sharp spur into the side, There see men who can just and who can ride; There shiver shaftes upon shieldes thick, He feeleth through the heart-spone the prick; Up springen speares, twenty feet in height, Out go the swordes to the silver bright; The helms they to-hewn and to-shred; Out burst the blood with stern streames red.
Agatha, not studious, and apt to shiver in winter, began to break Rule No.
By turns I shiver and flush with heat, and Thedora is greatly disturbed about me.
In the silence of the night, How we shiver with affright At the melancholy meaning of their tone
Midshipman Easy', and we felt a fine physical shiver in the darkling moods of 'Snarle-yow the Dog-Fiend.
The train attendant, who was a nervous man, began to shiver again and imagine unmentionable things.
Although Vasili Andreevich felt quite warm in his two fur coats, especially after struggling in the snow-drift, a cold shiver ran down his back on realizing that he must really spend the night where they were.
This made him more evil-looking than ever, and when he glared viciously at me I remembered with a shiver the close shave I had had with him at the time of his previous arrest.
and with a long shiver Rose burst out crying, while her teeth chattered, and her poor little nose was so blue, it made one's heart ache to see it.