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I just didn't realise she meant shockingly bad scenes.
And shockingly one in every six women in this country has experienced violence at the hands of a man.
Several Bulgarian ministers were taken by surprise Wednesday, as Prime Minister Boyko Borisov shockingly announced that he and his cabinet are to resign later that day.
The men we found at the site were in a poor state of physical health and the conditions they were living in were shockingly filthy and cramped," O'Neil said.
And significantly 23%, nearly a quarter of disabled people, said they had been discriminated against while trying to access goods and services in the past year, so really shockingly high levels of discrimination and inaccessibility given how long we have had antidiscrimination legislation.
500 first half that shockingly still earned them a playoff spot, and were 28-42 for the 2009 first half.
Summary: The young Egyptian actress Nelly Karim Shockingly turned down an offer to star in the new television drama series "Sanwat Al Hob Wa AL Melih" (The Years of Love and Living Together)
SKY says she's going to complain to the medical board about Karl's behaviour, so he shockingly gives up medicine.
Shockingly, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did not invite the Queen of All That Is Woman, Oprah Winfrey, to their wedding.
In a recently completed study in Maryland, it was shockingly found that certified teachers filled only 40% of all coaching positions.
These words of a distraught father are quoted in a new photographic exhibition which features not Chile, South Africa or the Soviet Union in the Seventies but, shockingly, the treatment of asylum seekers in Britain today.
In addition to the shockingly dark and funny stories, all gleaned from the authors' case files, A Woman's Guide to Revenge is filled with tips of professional expertise concerning how to spot a cheating lover, what legal steps one can take, and when to hire a private investigator.